for jack

Our head writer at work is leaving. :(
(if anyone is waiting on me for requests, e-mails, art or commissions.. sorry! been crazy busy.. moving, doctors apointments, family, and work... i go on vacation mid next week, so i'll be get back into the swing of things and up to date with everyone!)


fluffy bunny keychain!

My boss came back from Japan and gave me the cutest keychain!


don't think.

don't think. you aren't good at it.


flash doodles for work peeps

Marji-marji of marji4x.deviantart.com gave me one very nice scarf for my birthday.. :)

and Jesus of the fellas who sits behind me at work somewhere had a birthday.


I'll remember that

Flash sketch for today.



#6 End my Student Loans Please

Wheeee! Number 6! Viking and Vikingette. Acrylic. Primed board. I love this painting. It is part of a two part viking series of which I loved painting. Shall place the second part of this series up on ebay next week. Oh yes, I think I shall.

auction ends : Oct-06-07 16:38:32 PDT


paintings for my mum

Paintings for my mum. :) Gave these to her awhile ago, just realized I never posted it here. :) She likes trees and castles.


#5 End my student loans

Io the Heifer Maiden painting from back in the college days. This eventually turned into the mini comic of the same name. Oh yeah, got like 10-15 little copies of that mini. If anyone wants one, just drop me an e-mail and I'll send ye one.

Auction ends Sep-29-07 14:09:42 PDT


little heart of mine, you are better off somewhere else to grow

Was playing around in flash with face shapes and hair styles and made this cute little guy. I wish I could say I had the idea before wacom pen hit tablet.. but it just kinda evolved into a little sad concept sketch. Super quick flash sketch. :) These are fun.

selected angry sketches from my todo notebook

Hehe. I particularly like the last one where i have forks in my eyes. hehe.


#4 end my student loans


Yay! Up to Ebay adventure #4. This is a great little painting. Did this in college for an assignment for 'do whatever you want for a promotional piece'. It totally reflects my favorite colors. Found an awesome frame for it too. :)


luck dragon and the spartan looking guy

photoshop/flash sketch. I wonder what a good command for a luck dragon would be.