Chop Chop Sushi Master - for Thom

The lovely Thom May of http://bridgewindsoup.blogspot.com/ recently bequeathed me some acrylic paints before he departed for sunsets over the pacific ocean. Here is a painting for his parting. Maybe abit of thanks for the paints too. I was unaware that he has been painting cats and text lately. We are of similar minds even with a continent separating us. *tears*.


Rock and Art 08

Rock and Art painting for the 2008 summer concert season. http://www.rockandart.org/ Acrylic on 30x30 inch gessoed board. My band for this program was Crosby, Stills and Nash. My amateur photo skills manifested themselves in losing a bit of the color. The richer green blues and lavenders don't seem to be present in the photo. Haha. I like the painting though. It expresses time, a deep appreciating for the beauty around us and strength of will to pursue into the unknown. Here we have a band that's been an influential voice of activism for generations. While known best for antiwar and counterculture themes they also commonly invoke sailing and nautical references. So one can see why I felt compelled to take a voyage approach. :)


past life regression therapist

Hypnosis quackery pseudotherapy as far as I'm concerned.