Waiting in line at AnimeBoston - for Kristina

Back in May one inauspicious Saturday morning my cousin and myself excitedly set out to Boston to attend our first ever anime convention. It warranted to become an entire day of unrestrained unbridled exorbitant anime goodness. Anime Boston. Little did we know one needed to pass the gatekeepers known as registration. One did this by waiting in line. This 'line' meandered through multiple lecture rooms at the Hynes convention center and is the unrivaled winner of long ass lines. For 5 hours we stayed queued, surrounded by one interesting phenomena. Serious cosplayers. Two things occurred to me. 1) We are out of place in our casual attire of sweatshirt and jeans. 2) This is the largest collection of Narutos one could ever expect to see.

Have been working on this a little bit here and there in my free time for over a month now. Flash and a bit of photoshop magic.


modelsheet : me

Model sheel turn of a very stylized me character.


Schrödinger's cat

the paradox. it doesn't seem to apply so well from the point of view we live in. quantum level rules don't exactly fit the same. not nice for kitties.


my thoughts follow me wherever i go

trails of thought follow my days.

logical fallacies. genetic mutation. skeptical debates. nihongo tango. fundamental zealotry. mythology. warping views of science. theories for gaps. empowerment and prehistory. rules and bigotry. beliefs. events. causality. collapse. nutritional values. significance.

a curiously interwoven stream, fleeting and floating away at the only constant i know; that of my internal voice.


Character Illustrations

Character illustrations for Group 4 (http://www.g4arch.com/) and a project with the Columbus Metropolitan Library.:)


a dog and his boy

My buddy Evan and his awesome dog Rufus! :)