fortituda invicibilia sunt

Was researching about my last name (Maguire) and found out that we have a family motto, crest, castle in northern ireland and history of kings going back to 1600s..! Motto's pretty cool. Justia et fortituda invincibilia sunt. Justice and fortitude are invincible. I'm always saying that I need to 'fortify' myself (most of the time with coffees and a big dinner) to get pyched up to do almost anything. Hehe. :) I'm just gonna trunkage that it 'Foritide is invincible' and keep that as my personal version.

Here is my rendition of the flying ghost king of the Maguire's.

Want to start selling paintings again. Well, need more like it. There is a stack of paintings sitting in the basement just asking to be liberated and student loans can really bite someone in the butt. Here's the news. Gonna start putting a painting up on ebay once a week. Gonna shoot for Saturdays. So here we have 'holymoley needs to pay off my student loans painting #1' This will be fun. Check back on Saturday for the offical ebay auction update. Gotta converse with the gods of the post office. :)