Summer Villains poster

Poster for my friend and his band Summer Villains. :)
If you want to check out his music... more at http://www.summervillains.com/


a farewell picnic

A coworker gave his two weeks 13 days ago and tomorrow, yes tomorrow, leaves with as much ceremony as a small studio can muster. It's inevitable that people at work leave, but it feels very strange. Bear with me as I get wordy here; I'm near the beginning of this journey into corporate America office culture. Coworkers as it turns out don't become family, they become statues in one's life. No matter the weather, no matter the time of year, you know where they will be located (any given workday and sometimes weekends). Every Monday morning one returns to spend hours and hours in this forest of cubicles filled with office statues. Then suddenly it happens, overnight one of the statues vanishes. It is a shock. All that is left behind is a coworker shaped hollow space (and probably a jar of mayo in the office fridge). I say, the thieves that steals our precious statues better have a good idea of where they are bringing them. Well, that's neither here nor there. Here is a flash doodle for my recently to be departed coworker. Thank you for all the flash tricks and vegetarian food. This feels like an obituary. *tear


painting for sarah - asking for directions

Pirate captain stops to ask the locals for directions.

Been working on this off and on in my freetime lately. (Mainly when my computer is loading and I have a minute free here and there to draw some lines.)

A friend of mine let me stay at her place in Seattle for a couple of days while I was out on her coast for a wedding. I gifted her with this as my small way to thank her for the accommodations. My friend works at Microsoft on the new Microsoft/Yahoo collaborative search engine at bing.com. Check it out if you haven't yet.

Small painting, 3 x 4 inches. Acrylic on a little gessoed block.

I had this idea for a painting ages ago, but it sat in the back of my mind waiting patiently to be made.


note2tab icon

Icon for an iPhone app called note2tab. Here is a link to Jon's site for more information about the app. This is a music app, much like the other icons I did recently. http://jmlay-music.com/blog/2009/08/note2tab-now-available/
This was a neat little icon to make. I got to take the 5 lines of written music and turn it into 6 lines of TAB. Made in flash.


iPhone apps

Here are some illustrations and graphics for two iPhone/iTouch apps. Everything was made in flash. :) Check out Jon's website for more info on these apps. http://jmlay-music.com/blog/iphone-apps/

Harmonic Ear Training illustration, icon, and spot graphics.

Sync Points Icon


Tuna Platform Loading Spot Illustration

Here is a loading icon for a website to be www.tunaplatform.com. There isn't anything there yet but someday soon I'm told that the lower right hand tuna in this block will be incorporated as a loading spot illustration. :)



Star Wars comic

My friend Shelli (http://www.foolproofart.com/) is putting together a Star Wars FanArt Anthology and my friend Braden (http://www.chiefsheepy.com/) wrote up a little script for me. :) Here it is. Made this in Flash.


new buttons

New button designs!


I am always commuting - Paintings for the Mansion Show

This summer there is going to be an art show called 'The Mansion Show' at Beebe Estate in Melrose MA that I got into. http://beebeestate.org/the_beebe_estate.html

My series for the show is lovingly entitled, 'I am always commuting'. It's a small painting series. The canvas sizes are 6"x10", 5"x7", 2 4"x5", and the smallest at 1.5"x1.5".

Lately, it feels as if I am continuously in a state of commuting. There are unexpected residual adjustments to living with a long commute. One gets bonus time to play games, read, study, listen to podcasts or people watch come rain or shine. But on the other hand one can't get to the post office or library before they close.


Whitman Lives Well Poster

Poster for the Whitman Public Library and their lovely librarians.. :)
This took about a solid weekend, but the text all came together surprisingly fast. Time for smiley emoticon number two . :)

Get your immunizations kiddies! Bike this summer! Play with squirrels! All very important things to do when living in Whitman.

Here is the event page at through the Whitman Public Library webpage.


First Night 2009

Here are some website banner ads I did for Boston's FirstNight. This was such a fun project! Check it out at FirstNight.org.

And here are some process illustrations for the illustration for the 2009 button.

Here is the final button! (I didn't work on the type design.)