a farewell picnic

A coworker gave his two weeks 13 days ago and tomorrow, yes tomorrow, leaves with as much ceremony as a small studio can muster. It's inevitable that people at work leave, but it feels very strange. Bear with me as I get wordy here; I'm near the beginning of this journey into corporate America office culture. Coworkers as it turns out don't become family, they become statues in one's life. No matter the weather, no matter the time of year, you know where they will be located (any given workday and sometimes weekends). Every Monday morning one returns to spend hours and hours in this forest of cubicles filled with office statues. Then suddenly it happens, overnight one of the statues vanishes. It is a shock. All that is left behind is a coworker shaped hollow space (and probably a jar of mayo in the office fridge). I say, the thieves that steals our precious statues better have a good idea of where they are bringing them. Well, that's neither here nor there. Here is a flash doodle for my recently to be departed coworker. Thank you for all the flash tricks and vegetarian food. This feels like an obituary. *tear