summer at the new house

Playing around with textures again in Flash.

This is a good summary of the summer, Jon playing video games inside and myself out in the yard battling overgrown weeds and vines. It will be nice to see what the yard will be like come fall. 


a very merry yumbirthday to me

It is that time of year again.

3c banners

Here is last semester's banner made for my Japanese Class' blog 3cjournal.blogspot.com. This was a tiny class. Just 4 of us and sensei.

And here is the new one for the new fall semester. We have 5 new students! My design got much more shiny and busy this semester it seems.


Thank yous

Here are some of the thank you cards doodles I've been putting together of late. These were fun to make.

Make a Wish - WordGirl Color book

Soup2Nuts animation, creator of WordGirl and my old office is putting together a coloring book for a girl through the Make a Wish foundation. I hope it makes her day!
Here are my submissions for the coloring book.


8 bit wedding save the date

Seems like anytime I open up Flash nowadays it is for someone's wedding.
Some friends of mine thought about having an 8 bit wedding, but ultimately changed their minds. This idea was originally for them, but I modified it when they gave it the ax.


Howl's Moving Castle

Been thinking about Hayao Miyazaki's movies lately. Mostly thinking that they are stunningly beautiful and engaging.
Howl's Moving Castle is a great one. This movie originated from a well loved series of books by a British author, Dianne Wynne Jones, as it turns out. I should be focusing on freelance, but oh how I love distraction. Made this flash silhouette illustration.


8 bit wedding card

Wedding card for some gamer friends! Even found a way to tie in some retro bit game references! Ghost and Goblins (Story is Happy End), Dragon Quest (Command?) and Ghostbusters (Congraturation) made the final print. I originally thought a Mario Bros. 'The princess is in a different castle' text block varient would be nice, but went a different route in the end. :)


rock climbing girl

my friend jeff and his new gal

last days illustrations

When people at my old job leave, they make these awesome illustration collage posters. Here are my recent submissions.