Wow. This entire blog hasn't been updated in a very very long time. The amount of stuff that I can post is staggering.

Jon and I are getting hitched. Here is the illustration we have for the 'Save the Date'.

..and here is the illustration for Honeyfund!

'Save the Date' messages are coming back into fashion it seems. Before working on this illustration I had honestly never heard of them. After a quick google search I discovered that they are circa 1950 and they exist in aiding anyone who might need to organize travel plans. There is a Japanese custom of making 1000 cranes for a wish. This is a common custom for weddings or the birth of a new baby. Growing up around here I had heard the story of 1000 cranes. But the associations I have are with hope and fighting illness from reading that famous book about the sick Japanese girl as a child. We have them all folded now. This folding sure kept me busy on my commute for the last couple of months.

:) But, they are done. All 1000 of them.

Lost Ordament

The office had a holiday tree this year. This guy never made it back to my desk after the tree came down. :(

Gavin's Card

One of my oldest friends of all time just had her first baby!
Here is a card I made for the little guy.