Request #109 Juggling Woodland Creatures

Requester : Laura Ceredone www.thelaa.blogspot.com

Request : A polar bear and a goat juggling small woodland animals in the
forest...with an audience..

Request #108 Ender's Game

Coworker asked for some ender's game fanart. Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card is the best book ever!

Request #107 Viking Big Band

Request : Viking Big Band, Three trumpets, three trombones, six saxophones, drum set, guitarist, and bassist. .

Requester : Rich Day

I should probably point out that I didn't follow this exactly. Haha. :) Sorry Rich. Enjoy!

Request #106 Photographer

Request for a little peronalized icon for a photographer. here ya go!

Request #105 Cat Bag Pirates

requester : Jai

request : Hi can I have a pikshur of cat-bag pirates plzzz?!
Shelli and I are cat-bag pirates and YOU CAN BE TOO!! We should all have a cat-bag of course! otherwise, whatever!

Request #104 Food

not sure how to interprete this one. So... decided to draw what I like best.

Request : rachel maguire I am da girrrrlllllll.

Request #103 Pink Pig

Requester : my almost 3 year old neice, Hannah

Request : Pink Pig

Request # 102 Panda Barbarian + Mutant Zombie Beavers

requester : Felipe : D

request : Bum-Boo, the brave panda barbarian, verses Morbo; evil emperor of planet Kwasar and his mutant army of zombie beavers. from space.

Request #101 ABC

Request - ABC

Sometimes I get requests that I'm pretty darn sure come from robots surveying the internet. Haha, I enjoy these requests. It is cool to think that a robot is sitting at a computer somewhere making a request. ;)

Also! An animating coworker, the lovely Laura Ceredona taught me how to juggle this week. This one is a juggling inspired request!

Request # 00 Squirrel w/ Acorn

Request : Squirrel with acorn.

Requester : Dave Murphy

Not only did Davie request a piece of arts, but he also request it be vector for his website, and if it could be #100. So, here it is, long time in waiting. ;) Happy requesting you guys.

Request #99 .

Request = .

I'm a girl, I totally had too. Sorry guys. Haha.

Request #98 ZZZ

Request : ZZZ

So, I finally moved into a place closer to work and have been able to get back into drawing requests! Yay! So, the other day I found myself popping away at 3:30am and drawing requests in a frantic fury. My new little room looks just like this, a few worldly possessions sporadicly placed in a perfect little white room. The $8 Ikea light, $23 Ikea bedframe from the As Is room, my sketchbook, my paintbox, an assortment of drawing utensils and a slightly battered blue alarm clock. XD. Thought it was fitting to draw this one at this time (+ it totally was 4:35am btw). So, here is the 'zzz' request. I should sleep more. I <3>

Request #97 Pickle Ball

Requester : The Boyfriend

Request : You and me playing pickle ball. Use reference!

Haha, it is exactly like the boyfriend to request a scenrio of us to hang out and not have me making art. He says he is going to request 'us playing cribbage' next, so he can look at these requests and think about us having a good time. Hehehe. ;) Crazy boyfriend. The boyfriend would probably want it known that he wouldn't wear jean capris, that is some artist liberty on my part cause I think they look cute. ;)

Request #96 Robot Pirates Fighting a giant Squid

Requester : Mike Annear

Request : Robot Pirates Fighting a giant Squid

This is one dang awesome request! Dude, I had so much fun putting this together. Mike's a pretty darn awesome guy so check out his art at

Request #95 Airplane chasing a bird

Requester : Joe Plieman. Who by the way wrote this song about zelda. http://www.joshspaulding.com/zelda.html

Request : I believed it was real, but thought it absurd,
Looked up at the sky and saw an airplane chasing a bird.

Request #94 Monkey Frogs

:) : ) :)

Requester : Felipe

Request : id like you to draw me with monkey frogs...doing...i
dont know, ill leave that to you...

Request #93 A shout to besmirch the trundling appleyards

The sketch for this request has been sitting in my sketch book for months now, waiting for me to have the time to finish it and get it up here on the request page. It is quite the fun and nonsensical kind of request that I love to get. Enjoy. :)

Requester : Les Canney
Request : A shout to besmirch the trundling appleyards.

Request # 92 Siberian white tiger zombie battle

Okay, I went a little over board on this one. No zombies or multiple Siberian tigers were mentioned in the request. But.... every good cemetery scene really needs some zombies in my opinion. Enjoy. :)

requester : heather nicole

request : two girls in a cemetery. the sky has a bunch of stars and a full moon.
also, there is a white Siberian tiger next to them keeping them safe..

Request #91Giant having tea with a ladybug

Requester : Laurie Bowen

Request : If you get time will you draw a giant having tea with a ladybug?

Request #90 DJ RayArray

I'm sick right now, and I made this right after taking a rather large swig of DayQuil. While drawing this I decided to include my bunny. :) His name is Mr. Nibs and he is an albino dwarf bunny that likes to hang out with me when I make art. He totally is my sidekick. His super power is 'ROCK', he becomes as immobile as a rock when people come near. His weakness is paper. Paper destroys his power of rock, he can't stop himself from nibbling on paper. My art included. Pets are awesome. :) Enjoy.

Requester : Kell P (also requested #83)

Request : I would like to see you (Ms. Maguire) as a DJ at an all-night RAVE PARTY. And I want your imagination to take it from there. GO CRAZY...if you're not too busy.

Request #89 Dave's new TI-91

Requester : Dave Murphy

Request : Dave is so confused by his new calculator. It is WAY smarter than

Request #88 Tinkerbell

Requester : Meaghan Hathaway

Request : Tinkerbell with stars.

Request #87 Twilight Hamster

Requester : James Nixon

Request : Twilight Hamster

Request #86 Penguin Circus

Requester : Nichole Kelley

Request : I request a clown car overflowing with lots of clown attired penguins
and a penguin riding a polar bear like a circus elephant.

Request #85 FF8 Fanart - Squall

Request for Squall LeonHeart

Info from Wikipedia :
Squall Leonhart (スコール・レオンハート, Sukōru Reonhāto?) is the protagonist from Squaresoft's (now Square Enix) role-playing game Final Fantasy VIII. He was designed by Tetsuya Nomura with heavy influences coming from game director Yoshinori Kitase. As the lead character of Final Fantasy VIII, most of the game is seen from Squall's perspective. Squall's Limit Break (special move) is Renzokuken, which is a series of four to eight slashes preceding one of four finishing moves.

In the game, Squall is a 17 year old student at Balamb Garden, a prestigious military academy for elite mercenaries known as "SeeDs."[1] As the game's story progresses, Squall becomes friends with Quistis Trepe, Zell Dincht, Selphie Tilmitt and Irvine Kinneas, and falls in love with Rinoa Heartilly. These relationships — combined with developments in the game's plot — gradually turn him from a loner to an open and caring person.[1]

Squall has appeared in several other games, such as the Kingdom Hearts series, where he appears under the name "Leon", and Chocobo Racing. His weapon, the gunblade, also appears in other works.

Request #84 FF6 Fanart - GoGo

Request for Gogo from Final Fantasy 6.

Info From Wikipedia.org :
Gogo (ゴゴ, Gogo?) is a mysterious stranger, completely shrouded in multicolored fabric, and trained in the art of mimicry. (S)he is one of two secret characters in the game. In the Japanese version of the game, his/her job class is given as "Mimic".

Gogo can only be encountered deep within the belly of a monster called the Zone Eater. By finding their way to Gogo's lair, the Returners prove their worthiness to Gogo, who then agrees to lend his/her services to their cause.

Gogo's special skill, Mimic, allows him/her to copy the last action performed by any party member. This creates a wide array of unique strategies, as (s)he can do things that normally, only one person can do, such as Setzer's slots, and Gau's rages. The only ability (s)he cannot copy is Terra's Morph. Gogo's menu commands are also customizable, and (s)he can be assigned any three commands used by other characters in addition to his/her own Mimic ability. In addition, Gogo never needs to be taught magic, as (s)he will have access to all the magic spells of the characters currently in the party if the player gives him/her the magic skill.

Gogo also appears as a boss in Final Fantasy V, granting use of the 'Mime' class.

Request #83 Blind Stan the Ninja Goat-Herder... In Action

requester : Kell P.

request : Basically, I want to see your interpretation of "Blind Stan the Ninja Goatherd". Preferably in action.

Rachel's thoughts : This is an awesome idea for a request!!!!!

Request #82 Kid Icarus #2

I already did a first Kid Icraus request (#74) for my buddy Zack of www.zackgiallongo.com + www.lifemetercomics.com fame. I had this wicked cute sketch in my sketchbook, I couldn't resist coloring it up and posting it. :)


Request #81 Danny Phantom + the pengiuns

Requester : K8
Request : hey, I'd like to ask if you could draw Danny Phantom from the Nick tv
show Danny Phantom and a penguin with him?

Request #80 Gators at the Golf Course

Request for Shelli Paroline, Mistress of FoolProofArt.com
Request : Shelli in her own overrun mini golf course filled with gators.

Shelli's likes the color green, so I used every green I had. Sap green, light thalo green, emerald green, chromium green, cobalt deep green, gold green, phthalocynine green, brilliant yellow green and light green permanent.

Request #79 Glow In The Dark

Requester : Dave Murphy + Chris Pratt
Request : Glow in the Dark!

Request #78 Naked Lady in Woods with Spear

requester: Tim Kelly

request: A naked lady in the woods with a spear.

Request #77 Penguin Ice Cream Cone

requester : genius ;)

request : I remember I once drew a penguin cone (ie. a penguin ice cream cone
which you can eat) but never produced a finished work. Wondered if you'd be
interested, since you draw gorgeous penguins, if i do saw so myself... =P.

Request #76 Black Pig + Captain

Request for a Captain with a black pig as a first mate. :)

Request #75 Sloth Turn Around

for the turn
This is a kind of backwards request. I requested my buddy shaun to tell me what charcter of his to do a turn around test with. He picked sloth from his living in sin series.


Request #74 Kid Icarus

The very cool Zachules from lifemetercomics.com requested Kid Icarus. I did a quick flash movement thing. Need the practice I do. :)

Request #73 Myspacer #2

Jeff requested a myspace picture/icon. :) I'm still drawing these in flash. :)

Request #72 Fanart - Mulder from xfiles

Request from Nichole Kelley for :

Do cool fan art like fan art of Mulder, or the walking things from war
of the worlds, or the angry beavers. What is this final fantasy crap!.

Request #71 FF7 Fanart - Cloud

Dave request Cloud Strife.
More practice with flash for me.. This time with Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7.

Request #70 Link FanArt

Little animation can be found here : www.rayarray.com/blog/link_tutorial.swf

Request for Link from Dave Murphy. :) I needed some practive in Flash. :)

Request #69 FF6 Fanart - Setzer

More Final Fantasy Fanart requested by Karen Gill... Gosh these are just flowing in. It is such good practice.

More drawing in Flash. The pen tool is kinda neat.

Request #68 FF6 Fanart - Locke

More FanArt requests.

Locke from Final Fantasy 6.
I drew and colored this in flash.. I need the practice. :)

Request #67 Dave's Completed Paper

My friend Dave requested his paper completed words and all.
Here ya go!

Request #66 Myspacer

Request for a girl on myspace... she wants a cartoon of herself. :D

Request #65 FF6 Fanart - Kefka

Request for Kefka from Final Fantasy 6. A very evil clown final boss. I made this as 'Yoshitaka Amano' as possible. Not sure why, it just felt right. Cheers!

Request #64 FF7 Fanart - Cid

Request for Cid Highwind from Final Fantasy 7 with a polearm and dynamite by none other than Dave Murphy.

Request #63 FF9 Fanart - Vivi

This was a request for the black mage from Final Fantasy 9 named Vivi!

Request #62 FF6 Fanart - Sabin

Sabin from Final Fantasy 6! Gosh, sooo many requests for fanart!

Request #61 FF7 Fanart - Sephiroth

More fanart...
Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7!

Request #60 Welcome to the Negaverse

Request for Sailor Moon fanart.

Here we have Malachite and Sapphire from the Sailor Moon crew of villians!