Wedding Print files

Getting married was a lot of work. I don't recommend it to anyone. ;) Now that it is over with and I have two minutes to rub together I can post all the artwork I made for the day.

lock and cityscape :)

An old roommate asked me to make some spot illustrations for his company.

Graduation cards

My sister and my nephew both graduated college! Here are the illustrations from their cards.

Marji and Johnny's wedding

My friend Marji just got hitched. She had a mice theme for the wedding so I made a card to match.

Darwin tote bag for Skeptical Robot

Charles Darwin tote bag design and one of the alternative designs for Skeptical Robot. You can buy it here!

Keep Security Weird

Cute logo with an armadillo. These guys had this logo for their Austin conference. :)

Skeptics Guide to the Universe Bobbleheads

Here are some bobblehead designs of the Skeptics Guide to the Universe crew that I drew up. Rebecca Watson liked them and even is selling them over at Skeptical Robot in a button set that I put together. My cat Becky even likes them. A couple of images here. Here are the designs. The print file. What the back looks like. Skeptics Guide to the Universe or SGU (not to be confused with Stargate Universe) is a weekly science podcast. They are pretty awesome. Here is the blurb from their site. The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe is produced by SGU Productions, LLC - dedicated to promoting critical thinking, reason, and the public understanding of science through online and other media. The first episode of the SGU podcast went online on May 4th, 2005. It soon became a popular science podcast, and remains one of the most popular science podcasts on iTunes. http://www.theskepticsguide.org Check them out! You can get the buttons here.

Cute cupcake faces

Panda faces with junior mints and upsidedown chocolate chips !

Jon's new app. Hasami shogi.

My husband finished this app awhile ago, but I never got around to getting this post up. I made the icon for him. This game is surprisingly hard. It seems to be a cross between othello and checkers. Hasami shogi is a simplified variant of Japanese chess (shogi). The name translates from the Japanese for 'scissors' or 'crab claw' and 'Japanese chess'.

Parappa the Rapper hat

Easy to make Halloween costume. Some kids did confuse me with goofy though. :)

Marji and Alex bobbleheads

Two animator friends. They rock.

Pixel People (wedding cards and painting)

Got the idea in my head to make pixel portraits after my husband painted me a pixel Link painting. Link like in Zelda. Here is a portrait of me and Jon and two wedding cards I made for friends.

Masshackers Logo

Logo for Masshackers. :)

Smart Phone Addicted

Web logo and banners for a friend's website. :)

Hackid Logo

Another logo. :)

Okinawian shisa (lions)

These Chinese looking dragons are an Okinawan tradition. One will see them placed in pairs on rooftops and gates to houses. Shisa are protectors. They are believed to protect from evil spirits. The open mouth one wards off evil spirits and the closed mouth one keeps the good spirits in. Pretty neat huh!


Back when I was still commuting 4 hours everyday I was drawing these little bobblehead creatures and was binding mini books on the train.


Illustration and logo for ABCecurity Consulting.

Revenge of Xantaress

Title screen for a friend's programming final.


Just put together a new website! Looks like this.