Request #16 An Epic Battle

Request for the gal at Dark-Reflections.deviantart.com. Here be your characters.


Request #15 Roboto

This is a request from someone I met at Border's when I was setting up some art at the cafe. (Yes! I do remember you! ^_^ Thanks for checking out my site and making a request!)He would like me to draw a robot wearing a business suit and holding a futurist ray gun in one hand and in the other a flower with bees flying around it and at its feet are zapped bugs? Yeah, he even thinks this is weird! Enjoy!

Request #14 Rosie and Posie

Request for the esteemed Shaun Healey from www.endling.deviantart.com. Here are two characters from his comic, Rosie and Posie. Much Love, Enjoy!

Request # 13 - The missing request

Had trouble with my database and it is skipped over the #13. Here is a piece of art I did around then that can be a filler. ;) Also for the lovely Shaun Healey. Here is his main character from his 'Ever After' comic. Little red. :)

Request # 12 A horse for Mallika

A horse for Mallika (Mallikasun.com) Mallika is a fabulous watercolor artist and crazy awesome death metal singer. Gotta love digital media. Completely photoshop for this one!

Request # 11 Goldilocks

Request for the esteemed Shaun Healey from www.endling.deviantart.com. This is one of his characters from a comic he is pouring his heart and soul into called 'Ever After'. Check out his work. He will rock your socks off. Acrylic little sucker. 5 x 6 inches.

Request #10 Tree with face

Request for a willow tree with a face.

Request #9 A Field of Cows

Request for a field of cows

Request #8 Robot

Request for a robot wearing a business suit and holding a futurist ray gun in one hand and in the other a flower with bees flying around it and at its feet are zapped bugs.I got everything but the business suit. Ah, I'll give it another go.

Request # 7 Cat and Juice box

Request for the infamous Thom May of www.noforseriously.comHere is a cat with a juice box.Much love. Enjoy!

Request #6 Lupy

Request for Lupy. A cartoon portrait of herself. Enjoy!

Request #5 In their own world

This is a request for TubeNose. This a boy and a girl running on some little planet thing with a sun, a moon and some possible craziness. So, I decided these guys crashed down on a little planet which appears perfect, but the trees and sun, and moon as all fake and there are little mischief creatures around. Hope you guys got that. Hope you guys like it.

Request #4 Aliens and Sea critters

Request by someone who wants to only be known as, 'Wouldn't you like to know'. 'Wouldn't you like to know' requested "Aliens and sea critters."'Wouldn't you like to know' is a female and lives in you ess of ey. But that is all I know.Lots of love to 'wouldn't you like to know'.Enjoy!

Request #3 : superstition

A request for Lexy. Lexy asked for a superstition. I like how superstition and suspicion look and sound alike.4 x 5 inches, arcylic on canvas. :)

Request #2 : Rub a Dub

A request for Nichole Kelley. The bestest gal in the world from www.nicholekelley.com. Nichole gave me this board and asked for a painting for graduation. She might have started these requests Today I learned that sharpie marker will show through titanium white acrylic.. You gotta let it dry and put on layers to hide it. But, blocking in with a black sharpie is quite fast and marks really well on gessoed wood. This is for Nichole's bathroom.. Cheerful and jolly. What every bathroom needs. Nichole grew up on a dairy-farm btw..You gotta love bathroom art!

Request #1 Super Dino Flies over Boston

A request for Chris KnowlesHere is your super hero dinosaur। Wherever he may be flying over Boston into the corporate world with his dashing smile and red cape.

An intro : the move to blogger

Sat down with myself earlier today and decided it is time. Need a real blog. Need to move my page of requests to a safer and more easy to update environment. My database isn't doing it for me anymore. Need one place where my requests, current art projects and daily findings can propagate more efficiently while also being easy to navigate. So this evening I find myself uploading the first 108 requests. 108, great number! Just remembered the 108 shining stars of the Suikoden games! :)

For everyone just stumbling here for the first time.
Why hello!.... I'm Rachel! I love to do requests for people, here they are!