I am always commuting - Paintings for the Mansion Show

This summer there is going to be an art show called 'The Mansion Show' at Beebe Estate in Melrose MA that I got into. http://beebeestate.org/the_beebe_estate.html

My series for the show is lovingly entitled, 'I am always commuting'. It's a small painting series. The canvas sizes are 6"x10", 5"x7", 2 4"x5", and the smallest at 1.5"x1.5".

Lately, it feels as if I am continuously in a state of commuting. There are unexpected residual adjustments to living with a long commute. One gets bonus time to play games, read, study, listen to podcasts or people watch come rain or shine. But on the other hand one can't get to the post office or library before they close.