End my student loans

Okay! Its official.

Started the weekend painting auction venture which I mentioned earlier. Here it is : I vow to set one new painting up on ebay once a weekend until i'm totally out of paintings (hah.. like that would ever happen!) or my student loans are done with. These aren't crappy paintings either! I love every single one but they aren't doing any good sitting around in the basement. Actually I've got this gut feeling that if I don't spread them far and wide some tragic fire will consume them and they will all vanish in one firy blaze. So, I need to find new homes for them. I've got 17 paintings queued up right now so I'm good for awhile.
About all this...Thoughts?

So, the plan is this. All proceeds from this venture directly go into vast student loans. This also means that I will starting making more traditional paintings.

End my student loans painting #1 - Fish and Boat! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=190145565566 Auction ends Sep-04-07 18:35:10 PDT Spread the word! Thanks!


Yay for promotional freebies! FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE for the taking! I just uncovered a rather large box of these mini art cards and I would love to get rid of them all! So, if you want a set (4 cards in all, full color double sided) give me an e-mail with an addy and I'll send a set over to ya! Questions? This offer stays open until I've run out or get overwelmed with going to the post office all the time.

Front and back :)

request 114 - monkey at the dentist

Request for : Very scared Monkey is up for a Dentist visit with a Dr. Penguin. that's it.

requester : Vanessa (http://www.slaveprincess.deviantart.com/)

This request came in a little over a week ago, but it jumped way to the front of the list! See.... I'm riddled with nightmares of my teeth falling out. I couldn't stop from working on this. Just the day before yesteday I awoke from a horrid vivid dream of losing a crown (which i don't have!?!?) and watching it turn into a rather large marshmellow before evaporating into nothingness. then i rushed and looked into my dental coverage only to discover that I can only get 50% off one crown ever 5 calendar years. So I wasn't covered! I was petrified. Insurance and dental bills. Scary! Reminds me to floss my teeth, that's forsure. Haha.



hmmmm i should do this kinda thing more often. just randomly drawing how any particular thing makes me feel and see what i can come up with. :)

perseus and medusa

wiii! my mini comic!

Request #113 viking speak

got a jibberish request. hehe. fun. :)

happy happy new flash sketches!


Request #112 - Happy

Here is a quickie, my friend Dave requested me and him having a good time. :)


fortituda invicibilia sunt

Was researching about my last name (Maguire) and found out that we have a family motto, crest, castle in northern ireland and history of kings going back to 1600s..! Motto's pretty cool. Justia et fortituda invincibilia sunt. Justice and fortitude are invincible. I'm always saying that I need to 'fortify' myself (most of the time with coffees and a big dinner) to get pyched up to do almost anything. Hehe. :) I'm just gonna trunkage that it 'Foritide is invincible' and keep that as my personal version.

Here is my rendition of the flying ghost king of the Maguire's.

Want to start selling paintings again. Well, need more like it. There is a stack of paintings sitting in the basement just asking to be liberated and student loans can really bite someone in the butt. Here's the news. Gonna start putting a painting up on ebay once a week. Gonna shoot for Saturdays. So here we have 'holymoley needs to pay off my student loans painting #1' This will be fun. Check back on Saturday for the offical ebay auction update. Gotta converse with the gods of the post office. :)


Fearless : Malarkey anthology #2

Wooot! Fresh off the press! The new Massart Inprint anthology! Copies are 10 bucks!


cd art - The Infefinite Article

Here is some cd artwork I've been working on for a local band, The Indefinite Article. They decided to go a different route for the CD artwork and ended up just wanting the iconic pyramid logo, but I really like how it came out.


Request #111 Bake me a cake

heatherrr4.deviantart.com asked for me to bakeher a cake so she feels better. :)

Request #110 DemitriRedding

DemitriRedding.deviantart.com asked I draw a little him! Here he is!


Forest Painting Commission

Painting commission from a little while back. I was really happy with how the VW bus came out. :)


<3s for Mike

There be tons of little fast flash sketches floating around my computer, here are a few themed to be a shout out to my super awesome coworker flash guru Mike! Check out his art over at http://www.mikeannear.blogspot.com) He has taught me so many awesome flash tricks over the past couple of months! I can't thank him enough! (Yes!!!! Oh yes! He really does have all these awesome hats.)


Just finished a painting for rockandart.org. I wanted to wait until I had a better photo but I can't wait anylonger. ;) RockandArt is a great auction for arts for humanities that pairs up artists and musicians. I was super lucky, I ended up getting the band Squeeze. Squeeze is best known for their hit 'tempted'.. which I'm sure you just all know! Templed by the fruit of another..!!! But I've always been a fan of their song 'Pulling mussels from a Shell'. Here is my painting, for the event. This photo was snapped on my cell phone in the morning before I dropped the painting off at the Bank of America pavilion.


Zombie Rache and other assorted Rache flash sketches

I left my wallet at home. It was sad.

I over ate. And here is the sketch for my ripped off arms sketch. :)


headaches galore

Headaches! Eek!
Yay for Excedrin!


Dwarf and Viking Adventures

Here are some flash sketches of some of the crazy adventures of Viking and Dwarf. My friend Laura (thelaa.blogspot.com) and myself recently found yourselves sketching silly scenerioes of these two dudes and them forwarding them to each other. Here are a few of mine. :)