request 114 - monkey at the dentist

Request for : Very scared Monkey is up for a Dentist visit with a Dr. Penguin. that's it.

requester : Vanessa (http://www.slaveprincess.deviantart.com/)

This request came in a little over a week ago, but it jumped way to the front of the list! See.... I'm riddled with nightmares of my teeth falling out. I couldn't stop from working on this. Just the day before yesteday I awoke from a horrid vivid dream of losing a crown (which i don't have!?!?) and watching it turn into a rather large marshmellow before evaporating into nothingness. then i rushed and looked into my dental coverage only to discover that I can only get 50% off one crown ever 5 calendar years. So I wasn't covered! I was petrified. Insurance and dental bills. Scary! Reminds me to floss my teeth, that's forsure. Haha.

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David said...

I need more cards. I put all four up on my wall. Also, when I have money, I will buy one of your paintings.