End my student loans

Okay! Its official.

Started the weekend painting auction venture which I mentioned earlier. Here it is : I vow to set one new painting up on ebay once a weekend until i'm totally out of paintings (hah.. like that would ever happen!) or my student loans are done with. These aren't crappy paintings either! I love every single one but they aren't doing any good sitting around in the basement. Actually I've got this gut feeling that if I don't spread them far and wide some tragic fire will consume them and they will all vanish in one firy blaze. So, I need to find new homes for them. I've got 17 paintings queued up right now so I'm good for awhile.
About all this...Thoughts?

So, the plan is this. All proceeds from this venture directly go into vast student loans. This also means that I will starting making more traditional paintings.

End my student loans painting #1 - Fish and Boat! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=190145565566 Auction ends Sep-04-07 18:35:10 PDT Spread the word! Thanks!


Aaron said...

Is it possible to see the 17 paintings before they go up on ebay to possible purchase them outside the ebay system?

Felipe said...

Yea yea cause im not an eboy so i cant go all ebay...

terrible i know, but this way we're also able to choose on which one our (very very limited)hard earned cash will go to... :D