end my student loans #3

Here we have the third acrylic painting in this ebay venture. Perfectly angsty in every way. :) I've always been fond of this painting, it reflects a certain level of frustration.
Coolest thing about this painting, only used four tubes of paint in creating it. A red for almost everything, a yellow and white for highlights and blue for making some dark spots and the cage. Painted this awhile ago.. I was participating in a lot of figure drawing at the time. There exist a bunch of paintings made about this time with nude figures in them. Haha. Many more figurative paintings like this to come. I'm sure. 12 by 12 inches on canvas. :) Ebay auction to be found here.
Auction ends Sept-16-07 17:19:45 PDT.

word girl party photos

Here are some photos from the WordGirl Premiere party!
We had this awesome wall of characters. Here I am standing in front of the extra of me (green shirt up and to the right!) with my old roommate Nichole (nicholekelly.com) Also here is a picture of me sitting by my desk with all my desk flare. Yup! That's the guy from reboot!

We had some a serious rice crispy bake off. You can see some of the variety of flavors here. Peanutbutter and jelly, espresso caramel, kid killer marshmallow peeps, chocolate frosted, apple cinnamon.... it was nuts. The very talented Lindsay Fisher was face painting and creating arm murals. I got a chupacabra chasing a goat.

i have worked very hard for my little slice of nothing

I got home from work on Friday and promptly made this in flash/photoshop very excitedly to express a thought that permeated my week. My birthday is coming up. Around 8am Saturday morning I exclaimed to my mum, "Mum.. Mum.. Look what I drew!!" She didn't seem impressed. She glared at me and said "why don't you paint be grateful for what you have". Hahahaha.