end my student loans #2

New painting up the ebay guys! Wiii!

This is a fitting painting to be #2 on my ebay venture as it is lovingly labeled as 'mr satyr why did i go to college?' or 'mr satyr for this i went to college?'. I could never decide which was more fitting. But this painting has a little story. This was an acrylic painting I did after work about a year ago. At this time i was working in oil painting restoration, which was a really awesome job.. but..... Going to work day in and day out, not having a car, endless streams of bills, and so began a feeling deep down in my gut. A feeling I think everyone knows. A dark grey spot kinda nagging, kinda restless, kinda worrisome, kinda lonesome, kinda wanting more, kinda expecting something. I was living out of my parents attic, was eating nothing but peanut butter and jelly. I've got the degree I always wanted, I can paint exactly how I've always wanted!.. but I was too busy running around making ends meet to paint. That can make someone feel very trapped. Not learning anything new. Stagnating. Thoughts running wild. Confused. Should be somewhere else, but don't know where that is exactly. So much going on. It was the end of the day. I wanted to paint. I painted this. :)


request 115 - novasette fanart

Fanart request for my friend Zack from novasette.com and lifemetercomics.com :)

word girl premiere!

Wii~ The premiere date for the show that I work on is upon us! Today at 4pm on PBS and then again on Friday at 4pm on PBS if you can.. tune in and check it out! Yayyyy!!!!! I'm totally listed as character design in the credits!

here is the word girl website!