Galactic Hot Dogs!

Chapter Episode 1 is available!

New chapter episode every Monday! Follow the action packed space adventures of Cosmoe, Humphree and the Princess! http://www.galactichotdogs.com
(I kicked my butt all summer long on this awesome story. Please tell every 9 year old you know!)


Galactic Hot Dogs Begins!

My awesome new project begins this coming Monday, October 21st. Every Monday a new action packed chapter of Galactic Hot Dogs will premiere.

Tyson Burnham of Poptropica fame created this for us. It is fabulous. He took some of my vector art, created a bunch more stuff, and then added all these amazing animation effects.


Here is the official blurb.
Join Cosmoe and the crew of the Neon Wiener for intergalactic adventure, evil-stomping, and hot dog slinging. BLAST OFF with a new episode every Monday!


Rockland Library manga club!

Poster for the library's newest summer club!


Play Gardens

Cover and spot illustration! :)


Bulletin board at the libary

Awhile back, a library staffer came up to me with, 'You are crafty, aren't you?'


Darwin T!

Darwin t shirt design!!!!

It is awesome to have your work used. It is most exciting. Why does Darwin make me think of dodo birds? He worked with finches. No worries, dodo birds are awesome. I saw a taxidermied one once, it was neat.
At the auction house that I've been working out, we had a science and technology show, and I got to move around a bunch of sextants. They are even more awesome in person.

Merry Squidmas to all!

Wow. I got behind with updates!
Here is a holiday card I made! This was tons of fun!



Icons made for an app! Nothing too out of the norm!

Chiharu and Shinya's wedding

My old roommate just got married! Congrats!  (Omedetou!) She asked me to help with an insert for the invitation and a welcome board. We don't really have welcome boards here in the US, but it is such a neat idea. I had a lot of fun with these designs! Luckily I didn't have to deal with the printing and they let me send files in pretty standard American sizes. Trying to combine Christmas and tropical Okinawan weather was a fun challenge. In Japan, snow men only have two parts and it turns out Christmas is more of a date night.

There are so many awesome elements that never made it to the final files. One of which is a variant with a cute temple with some Okinawan shisa (Okinawan lions).