#6 End my Student Loans Please

Wheeee! Number 6! Viking and Vikingette. Acrylic. Primed board. I love this painting. It is part of a two part viking series of which I loved painting. Shall place the second part of this series up on ebay next week. Oh yes, I think I shall.

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paintings for my mum

Paintings for my mum. :) Gave these to her awhile ago, just realized I never posted it here. :) She likes trees and castles.


#5 End my student loans

Io the Heifer Maiden painting from back in the college days. This eventually turned into the mini comic of the same name. Oh yeah, got like 10-15 little copies of that mini. If anyone wants one, just drop me an e-mail and I'll send ye one.

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little heart of mine, you are better off somewhere else to grow

Was playing around in flash with face shapes and hair styles and made this cute little guy. I wish I could say I had the idea before wacom pen hit tablet.. but it just kinda evolved into a little sad concept sketch. Super quick flash sketch. :) These are fun.

selected angry sketches from my todo notebook

Hehe. I particularly like the last one where i have forks in my eyes. hehe.


#4 end my student loans


Yay! Up to Ebay adventure #4. This is a great little painting. Did this in college for an assignment for 'do whatever you want for a promotional piece'. It totally reflects my favorite colors. Found an awesome frame for it too. :)


luck dragon and the spartan looking guy

photoshop/flash sketch. I wonder what a good command for a luck dragon would be.


end my student loans #3

Here we have the third acrylic painting in this ebay venture. Perfectly angsty in every way. :) I've always been fond of this painting, it reflects a certain level of frustration.
Coolest thing about this painting, only used four tubes of paint in creating it. A red for almost everything, a yellow and white for highlights and blue for making some dark spots and the cage. Painted this awhile ago.. I was participating in a lot of figure drawing at the time. There exist a bunch of paintings made about this time with nude figures in them. Haha. Many more figurative paintings like this to come. I'm sure. 12 by 12 inches on canvas. :) Ebay auction to be found here.
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word girl party photos

Here are some photos from the WordGirl Premiere party!
We had this awesome wall of characters. Here I am standing in front of the extra of me (green shirt up and to the right!) with my old roommate Nichole (nicholekelly.com) Also here is a picture of me sitting by my desk with all my desk flare. Yup! That's the guy from reboot!

We had some a serious rice crispy bake off. You can see some of the variety of flavors here. Peanutbutter and jelly, espresso caramel, kid killer marshmallow peeps, chocolate frosted, apple cinnamon.... it was nuts. The very talented Lindsay Fisher was face painting and creating arm murals. I got a chupacabra chasing a goat.

i have worked very hard for my little slice of nothing

I got home from work on Friday and promptly made this in flash/photoshop very excitedly to express a thought that permeated my week. My birthday is coming up. Around 8am Saturday morning I exclaimed to my mum, "Mum.. Mum.. Look what I drew!!" She didn't seem impressed. She glared at me and said "why don't you paint be grateful for what you have". Hahahaha.


a doodle for this evening

found myself procrastinating a bit. haha. enjoy.


end my student loans #2

New painting up the ebay guys! Wiii!

This is a fitting painting to be #2 on my ebay venture as it is lovingly labeled as 'mr satyr why did i go to college?' or 'mr satyr for this i went to college?'. I could never decide which was more fitting. But this painting has a little story. This was an acrylic painting I did after work about a year ago. At this time i was working in oil painting restoration, which was a really awesome job.. but..... Going to work day in and day out, not having a car, endless streams of bills, and so began a feeling deep down in my gut. A feeling I think everyone knows. A dark grey spot kinda nagging, kinda restless, kinda worrisome, kinda lonesome, kinda wanting more, kinda expecting something. I was living out of my parents attic, was eating nothing but peanut butter and jelly. I've got the degree I always wanted, I can paint exactly how I've always wanted!.. but I was too busy running around making ends meet to paint. That can make someone feel very trapped. Not learning anything new. Stagnating. Thoughts running wild. Confused. Should be somewhere else, but don't know where that is exactly. So much going on. It was the end of the day. I wanted to paint. I painted this. :)


request 115 - novasette fanart

Fanart request for my friend Zack from novasette.com and lifemetercomics.com :)

word girl premiere!

Wii~ The premiere date for the show that I work on is upon us! Today at 4pm on PBS and then again on Friday at 4pm on PBS if you can.. tune in and check it out! Yayyyy!!!!! I'm totally listed as character design in the credits!

here is the word girl website!