Galactig Hot Dog 2 - unused dediction art

Publisher isn't using this dedication, so I'll post it here.


Manga drawing event at the Framingham Public Library

Upcoming drawing event.

On July 11th at 1pm I will be at the Framingham Public Library to run a manga drawing event.
(I spruced up an old poster design for this. :)

Graduation Card

My cousin graduated from High School. Made a cute card for her.

Galactic Hot Dog bookmarks

Simon & Schuster sent me some bookmarks (which are totally made with some of my vector assets)!

Jess' Babyshower

My sister is having a baby. I've been designing stuff for it like crazy.


Rockland Library poster for our new Manga drawing hour program

Wednesday nights are going to be the Manga drawing night at the library.


Painting Comission - Bears

Painting commission of a family of bears I did for the 2014 holiday season. :)