Galactic Hot Dogs!

Chapter Episode 1 is available!

New chapter episode every Monday! Follow the action packed space adventures of Cosmoe, Humphree and the Princess! http://www.galactichotdogs.com
(I kicked my butt all summer long on this awesome story. Please tell every 9 year old you know!)


Galactic Hot Dogs Begins!

My awesome new project begins this coming Monday, October 21st. Every Monday a new action packed chapter of Galactic Hot Dogs will premiere.

Tyson Burnham of Poptropica fame created this for us. It is fabulous. He took some of my vector art, created a bunch more stuff, and then added all these amazing animation effects.


Here is the official blurb.
Join Cosmoe and the crew of the Neon Wiener for intergalactic adventure, evil-stomping, and hot dog slinging. BLAST OFF with a new episode every Monday!