Request #90 DJ RayArray

I'm sick right now, and I made this right after taking a rather large swig of DayQuil. While drawing this I decided to include my bunny. :) His name is Mr. Nibs and he is an albino dwarf bunny that likes to hang out with me when I make art. He totally is my sidekick. His super power is 'ROCK', he becomes as immobile as a rock when people come near. His weakness is paper. Paper destroys his power of rock, he can't stop himself from nibbling on paper. My art included. Pets are awesome. :) Enjoy.

Requester : Kell P (also requested #83)

Request : I would like to see you (Ms. Maguire) as a DJ at an all-night RAVE PARTY. And I want your imagination to take it from there. GO CRAZY...if you're not too busy.

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