Request #36 Little Mari with Big Teeth Beast

This request goes out to Dan from Australia.

Dan's a sweetie, check out his work at basu-zo.deviantart.com.

Dan's request was :"I'd think it cool If you could take a shot at my character 'Mari' She basically lost her entire world of a small rural village of a dying culture to a demon. It killed everyone but Her using her as an egg, implanting one of its spawn in her eye. She sets out to kill the demon but the catch the one in her eye, which has turned it blind and into a sorta cocoon embedded into her brain (hence cant be simply removed), It incubates there and in the period of 1 year. It will burst out and eat Mari as it's first meal.
The large black halo is a harvest tool. (her family were millers) , uses it like a Frisbee to fight the evil. She somewhat of a berserker (losing her entire world in from of her eyes and all)."


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