Request #84 FF6 Fanart - GoGo

Request for Gogo from Final Fantasy 6.

Info From Wikipedia.org :
Gogo (ゴゴ, Gogo?) is a mysterious stranger, completely shrouded in multicolored fabric, and trained in the art of mimicry. (S)he is one of two secret characters in the game. In the Japanese version of the game, his/her job class is given as "Mimic".

Gogo can only be encountered deep within the belly of a monster called the Zone Eater. By finding their way to Gogo's lair, the Returners prove their worthiness to Gogo, who then agrees to lend his/her services to their cause.

Gogo's special skill, Mimic, allows him/her to copy the last action performed by any party member. This creates a wide array of unique strategies, as (s)he can do things that normally, only one person can do, such as Setzer's slots, and Gau's rages. The only ability (s)he cannot copy is Terra's Morph. Gogo's menu commands are also customizable, and (s)he can be assigned any three commands used by other characters in addition to his/her own Mimic ability. In addition, Gogo never needs to be taught magic, as (s)he will have access to all the magic spells of the characters currently in the party if the player gives him/her the magic skill.

Gogo also appears as a boss in Final Fantasy V, granting use of the 'Mime' class.

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