Request # 21 Babushka Dolls

Here is a set of babushka dolls.

Got this request in this morning, and as I had the day off I just had to draw it up and color it in photoshop.

Edit Edit Edit...! 9-20-06
My russian friend Mishe had something to say about this...

Mishe : you know there's no such thing as a "babushka doll" :-)
Mishe : that's a term coined by some person who doesn't know any russian words other than babushka
Ray : Really? Interesting!
Mishe : in fact, I'm not so sure it's coined yet
Mishe : well, no, it's not interesting, it's just the wrong word. "Babushka" seems to be a popular word in america to use when referring to anything russian
Ray : (means) grandmother, right?
Mishe : yes, there are no other meanings
Mishe : it also DOES NOT mean the thing that women wear on their heads
Mishe : any russian person would think you are insane if you ever called it that
Mishe : the dolls are called "matreshka dolls"
Mishe : the kerchief is called "kosynka"
Ray : My crazy russian friend -sigh-
Mishe : me crazy? you're the one calling them babushka dolls :-)
Ray : :-)
Ray : I need to update that right now.
Ray : Permission to use your text?
Mishe : what text?
Ray : the above about this being wrong?
Mishe : sure

Mishe was once on display at BreatheArt.com but is currently without a website. He is a fabulous figure artist and painter from the Boston area but he originally hails from Crimea.

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