laura's tattoo

Here is a tattoo design I worked on this amazing lady up in Alberta, Canada.


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In your site i learned more something. I will keep reading. Thanks ^_^

Learning all about tattoo designs.
Tribal Tattoo Designs

prairielass said...

I'm Laura, the lucky recipient of this design by Rachel. I had the tattoo done in August and I couldn't be happier. Without Rachel and her brilliant creativity it wouldn't have been as perfect as it is. I love it! Here's the story behind it. I'm holding a monkey and a frog because I was born the Year of the Monkey and tend to possess most of the characteristics they say a Monkey should, and the frog represents transition and change, which I've experienced ten-fold over the past couple of years, and will continue to in the future. So I'm embracing both who I am and how I've gotten there, along with the continuing journey to be a better me. I'm surrounded by my cats, both present and past. They way they're always with me, in spirit. Some have wings, since they're my angels, signifying their passing, while the others are still here with me. Twinkle, Blackie, Jasmine and Heaven are all at my feet and Star is floating at my head. I'm so proud of Rachel's design and the tattoo. I can't wait to have more done. Thanks Rachel! Just thanks!

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man, I'd love to see a pic of the finished tatt.